Today, electricity has become the backbone for a healthy living. In today’s time there are more than 500 million people in India’s countryside who have no access to electricity. Thanks to the solar energy and our scientists who invented Solar Home Lighting in order to tap and use the solar energy efficiently. Solar lighting system has successfully replaced Kerosene lamps and it is a great way of not only conserving electricity but also saving money. Apart from the aforementioned benefits, there is no health hazards associated with the use of solar energy.

Solar home lighting system is a latest technology that provides reliable and cost effective alternative to electricity. It is a user friendly source of energy. You can make use of solar home lighting system anywhere across the globe. This is the only system which gives allows you to avail electricity at all times. Solar home lighting systems are modular and can be expanded with your operations or extended to nearby premises at anywhere.

Solar home lighting system serves you various benefits like:

* Highly reliable power from sun energy as compared to erratic electricity.
* Very nominal operating cost with long life trouble free service and high efficiency electronic circuit.
* Low self-discharge, highly reliable, maintenance free sealed battery.
* Pre-packaged and pre-wired, Easy to Install/Erect (Plug and Use models, no help required) and operate.
* Safe, No fear of shock, No fear of fire.
* Temperature compensation for better battery charging for various climate and terrain.
* Optional AC inverter, Mobile charging, FM radio, Night lamp, Fan, 12 volts DC TV.
* Eliminates burning of fossil fuel products – candles and kerosene lamps.
* Saves 30% of your electricity bills if used on a day-to day basis.
* Available in different configurations.
* Possible to expand the system in future.

Solar home lighting system is a cost effective solution to your problems. Nowadays, people get absorbed by paying bills and electricity bill is one of them. Cost of electricity is increasing day by day. For availing the Solar Home Lighting Solution, you don’t have to pay a huge amount. It is a onetime investment. You just need to pay installation charges which are also not very high. You can get solar energy free of cost and light your home with the help of solar home lighting system. In case, you want to expand your system, it can also be expanded to the vast and extensive area in near future. Keeping in mind, your financial budget and power consumption, you can also avail customized solar home lighting system.

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