Are electricity bills giving you sleepless nights? Are you looking for a cost effective mode of water heating? Don’t worry, the perennial- renewable source of energy is there to solve your problem i.e. sun. Today, there are various manufacturers of solar water heating system. It is really an easy and an efficient way of heating water with the help of solar energy. It saves on your electricity bill and you don’t have to pay extra money apart from installation charges. Solar energy is an environmental friendly source of energy. Apart from being cost efficient, it does not emit smoke like other fossil fuels.


If you are seriously looking for solar water heating systems, then, there are different types of solar water heating system for different places. Mentioned below is a brief about the different types of solar water heating system.


Passive System

Passive solar water heating system does not need to connect with electricity. Solar water container is normally fitted on the terrace and contains a series of pipes on the top and bottom. These containers carry water from a storage tank through the system by natural processes. This type of setup requires that the storage tank and the collector should be placed relatively close to each other and often in a very specific configuration. The passive solar water heating system is relatively less costly as compared to other solar water heating systems. This system only needs little maintenance on the time.


Active System

To maintain its setup, Active solar water heating system uses some external power source. There are two types of Active solar water heating system:

  • Direct Open Loop Circulation Systems–In this system a pump circulates household water through the collectors. The Direct Open Loop Circulation Systems work well especially in the environment which rarely freezes.
  • ·         Indirect Closed Loop Circulation Systems–Indirect closed loop circulation systems are quite popular in climates prone to freezing temperatures. These systems use non-toxic polypropylene antifreeze with the help of which it works well.


Direct System

Both active and passive systems come under direct systems. With the help of the direct system setup, water can be heated by the solar collector without any intermediary fluids or other methods. Direct System is inexpensive and has quite minimal installation charges.


Indirect System

Indirect System heats up water indirectly. It heats up the usable water in the storage tank. Indirect system carries heat-transfer fluid which is used as antifreeze in cold climates. This fluid helps in heating water.

These are the different types of solar water heating systems. You can choose any one of them according to your requirement.


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