Solar Off grid power plant is a power system is an off-grid electricity system. Few areas in India still have poor power supply. Solar off grid plant system especially designed for such areas and sized to supply particular DC or AC electrical loads. This system is quite helpful for those areas where electricity supply is very poor.


Solar off grid is connected to a battery via a charge controller. An inverter can be used to provide AC power, enabling the use of normal electrical appliances. Typical off-grid applications are used to bring access to electricity to remote areas (mountain huts, developing countries). Rural electrification means either small solar home system covering basic electricity needs in single household or larger solar mini-grids which provide enough power for several homes.


Features and benefits of solar off grid power supply

  • Long Life up to 25 years
  • Low maintenance
  • High efficiency
  • Investment return 6 years
  • Silent, non-polluting & renewable
  • Good savings in electricity bills
  • Provides clean and reliable power to load in spite of variations in solar irradiation.
  • The system minimizes the capacity requirement of PV array.
  • Provides fully automatic uninterrupted power output & full protection from short term power cuts.
  • Can be installed & expanded easily
  • Easy installation


Solar off grid power plant is normally used in hill stations where there is no grid. This system works well in places far away from substation where transmission loss is too high as compared to actual consumption ending up with loss to electricity board. In hill stations, where villages are scattered in different locations with groups of 15 to 20 houses and few street lights which will occupy a space of nearly 15 sq meters. This will have battery backup and will work well even in low levels of irradiation, which normally happen in hill stations. With off grid power systems, villages can have a community study centre where school going children can assemble in one place and make use of this source for their study. Solar off grid power plant helps to create formation of teams within themselves, which results in higher morale.


If are you are working in or living in an area which has poor power supply and is plagued with frequent power cut, then, solar off power grid plan is a good way to overcome from such problems.




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