Are you looking for the cheapest and the most efficient mode of Solar Home Lighting System? Solar lighting system is itself the cheapest way of lighting up your home. Solar Home Lighting System runs from solar energy which is beneficial in numerous ways. Solar energy is free of cost and a renewable source of energy. It is also a way to save environment. Solar energy does not emit smoke or any other elements which destroy environment as compared to fossil fuels.


There are different types of Solar Home Lighting System i.e. active and passive solar systems. Solar Home Lighting System has various advantages, some of which are mentioned below:


Saves energy

Solar electricity for the Third World is clearly the most effective energy conservation program because it conserves costly conventional power for urban areas, town market canters, and industrial and commercial uses, leaving decentralized PV-generated power to provide the lighting and basic electrical needs of the majority of the developing world’s rural population.


Eco Friendly

Solar Home Lighting System does not emit any kind of smoke or any other polluted air . Solar rural electrification also decreases the amount of electricity needed from small diesel generators.


Cheapest way

Solar Home Lighting System is free of cost for you. It is a renewable source of energy which is indirectly cheapest for you.


Cheapest Solar Home Lighting System

If you are looking for the cheap and the most efficient solar lighting system, then, avail 15 Watt PowaPack Solar Home Lighting System. It is cost-effective and a high quality product. 15 Watt PowaPack Solar Home Lighting System is one of the cheapest solar powered lighting kit which includes powerful 15 watt solar panel and a total of seven lighting points. It features 2 x 12-LED matrix light and each lamp is 5 times brighter than one kerosene lamp. With the help of this system your lamp shines 20 times brighter than one kerosene lamp and Motion-sensor security light 8x brighter than kerosene. A single tube light of 1 LED matrix light can light up till 100 hours and a 3 W tube lamp can light up till 62 hours. It only requires 12-volt, 26 ampere-hour batteries which are not included in this kit.


Save environment! GO GREEN


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