Solar water heater is a cost effective and an efficient way of heating water. This is a “GREEN” alternative of generating electricity which saves money. Solar water heater uses sun rays to heat up water which is a renewable source of energy and will never exhausted. Solar water heaters are cost reasonable when you calculate the total energy costs saved over the entire life usage of the system. Although the initial cost of solar water heaters is higher than that of conventional water heaters but the source of fuel (sun) is free. It is also an environmental friendly mode of heating water.


If we use fossil fuel and other non-renewable sources then they will destroy environment by depleting the non-renewable source of energy. There are various types of solar water heating system like, Active System and Passive System.


Solar water heating system has many benefits. After analysing these it has been seen that everyone should switch to solar water heating system in India. Do you know why? You can understand it by reading its benefits, have a look below:


Cost effective

Solar water heating system is a cost effective mode of heating water. It has been analysed that solar water heating system has Initial costs: to install the system which vary according to the model you want to get installed for an active system which will produce between 80 to 100 gallons of hot water per day. Passive system is less costly as compared to Active system. It is just the installation cost and you don’t need to spend further. Solar water heating systems save more than 50 percent on energy bills.


Renewable Source of energy

Solar energy is always available except during the night which is the biggest advantage of solar water heating system. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy which will never exhaust. Most of the companies are also using solar water heating system just for the availability of solar energy. It has been seen that a portion of the roof of a typical house receives more energy than is needed to heat water for its occupants for more than a year which is really great.


Save Environment

Solar water heating system is an environment friendly source of energy. It not only saves your energy cost but also save environment as it do not emit any smoke just like other fossil fuels. It has been seen that a family of four with a solar water heater can save up to 3 or 4 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions as compared to a conventional electric water heater.


These are few reasons why you should switch to solar water heating system.


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