Are you looking for an eco-friendly source of energy?  As one knows, the non-renewable resources of energy are on the verge of getting exhausted.

So, the most disturbing and evident question of the hour is: Which resource can YOU use now? Which resource can you opt for your lighting your home? Don’t worry you can make use of the perennial source of energy which is eco-friendly too: “SUN”.  As we all know, Solar energy is a renewable source of energy and does not emit smoke like other fossil fuels.


So, an ideal, stylish and an eco-friendly alternative for lighting you Homes is the “Solar Lighting System Solution.


Solar Home Lighting System is a lightweight and compact system that can light your home in a cost effective manner and it saves environment too. With the help of Solar Home Lighting System, you can use any electrical product application like playing radio, charging mobile, charging laptops, computers etc. Solar Home Lighting System saves environment and is really easy to install. It can operate on both Solar as well as Grid Power to fulfil your lighting requirements. Solar Home Lighting Systems are fabricated to operate as one integrated system. It includes power generation, storage and management as well as the lighting itself. This system also supports frame and has an option for attractive indoor lights. It also provides provision for connecting other loads. We offer Solar Home Lighting System as a complete set along with hardware.


Solar Home Lighting System is the best eco-friendly choice. Its key features are:


  • Designed to serve all your requirements
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Energy efficient
  • Noise free
  • Highly flexible
  • Optional Hybrid system is available on demand



Apart from being eco-friendly, the question is:  why should you buy Solar Home Lighting System? There are various reasons which will force you to buy Solar Home Lighting System like:


  • Units are solar powered, hence, you are using green energy that is pollution free and available freely. The expected life of the solar panel is about 25 years, hence, it is a wise investment.
  • Most units are backed up with eco-friendly battery which has life expectancy of 6-7 years with one year replacement warranty from the manufacturer of the battery.
  • Light units are powered with Light Emitting Diodes which consume less power while giving maximum light that too without any heat dissipation and hence there is no power loss while giving maximum conversion of power to light. Since LED’s have a long life of about 50,000 hours so, probably changing is not necessary for the next five to six years.
  • All units can provide an uninterrupted light supply for about 12 hours (during night time) and hence lighting supply for 24 hours is possible for the next five years depending upon conditions.



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