Heating water by using the heat of sun is the best of solar energy.  Solar water heaters are really a great mode of saving electricity. These systems are integrated and designed according to the customers need. Solar water heaters are used in both residential and commercial areas but according to the need of the customer. There are various types of water heating systems like, passive and active systems, swimming pool systems and many others. These heating systems are designed to the areas and requirement.

Yes of course! Solar water heaters are seriously a cost effective solution. It is a free source of water heating solution. Nowadays electricity is becoming very costly. Today, millions of homes and businesses around the globe use solar water heating systems because to save electricity cost. These systems are eco-friendly too.

Solar hot water systems are a perfect complement to a PV system and make your solar investment more cost effective. To save electricity cost solar water heaters are using in below areas:

  • Restaurants, clubs & Resorts
  • Hospitals, Hostels, Institutions
  • Canteens and laundries
  • For swimming pool water heating
  • Process industries
  • Green buildings to earn renewable energy points
  • For can washing at Dairy collection centres
  • General washing and cleaning purpose
  • Agricultural sector
  • As infed to the boiler (closed loop/open loop)
  • Can be used to provide direct hot water to VAM based Air conditioning systems

In domestic section Solar water heaters can provide up to 70% of a household’s annual hot water needs which result in saving electricity bill.  Peter Codella of Codella Solar and Associates also said, “If someone is really interested in renewable energy, and they want to get involved somewhere, the best place to start is with a domestic hot-water system. These systems are still the most cost-effective solar technology on the market today.”

Solar water heaters have tact to save more money. It has been seen that the more water you need to heat, the more money these water heating systems can save. If the size of the solar collectors required to serves your hot-water needs accounts for the largest upfront cost of these systems then you can save money too. And the size of the solar collectors will small when use less hot water and to lower the temperature of your hot water. So install low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators, insulate your current water heater and any accessible hot-water Pipes and lower the thermostat on your water heater to 120°.

Use this renewable source of energy and save money now!

By JindalSolar.com

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