Solar Home Lighting System

Are you looking a way to save electricity? Don’t worry today technology is increasing frequently. Now solar lighting system is available for you. Solar lighting system is a device that operates using the Light energy available from the sun to provide lighting during night time.It is a reliable and efficient source of getting electricity.Solar lighting device carries three components i.e. Solar PV module, a Battery & a Luminary This device is used on street lights, parting lots and various other such places.There are various methods come under solar lighting system i.e. solar sky lights, photovoltaic lights and hybrid solar lights.


Solar Sky Lights

Solar Sky Lights is one of the technologies of Solar Lighting System. It interacts with the sun and clouds to dim and brighten indoor lighting.Via this method lighting will be sense by sun. Sun will control whole lighting system of home or office and provide natural light during day time. When night falls than it connects with clouds and convert day light into dim light. The solar panel set on the roof is in quite small size. It detects the movement of the sun like when it appears or goes down. The lighting levels slowly fluctuate depending on the natural available sunlight.


Photovoltaic Lights

Photovoltaic Lights is the second most common way to use with solar lighting system. Photovoltaic Lights or the PV module in solar device collects energy from the sun and stores it in batteries to operate the required wattage of light at night.This is an efficient way to conserve energy. It is especially used for energy savings, cost savings, and environmental reasons. This system generates own electricity and called grid free or stand-alone.


Hybrid Solar Lights

This is the third one solar lighting system method. Hybrid Solar Lights is divided into three types. In first type the device comes out with solar modules and no battery.The second hybrid system has a solar module and a battery with the lighting system. This system provides the energy collected into the battery and operates the light for specific hours. The third hybrid solar lighting system will be available in the areas where 100% electricity is available. It is used for additional security.


Apart from conservation of energy solar lighting system also cuts down on constructions costs of underground wiring.These types of systems is used in the countries where grid is not available and also used for security purposes as if the gird fails at specific locations the lighting will still be available.


Look out these three types of solar lighting methods and install now if you need.



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